My Junior Year 

    When I started my junior year I honestly had no idea what to expect. I know that sounds cliche and lame but it’s the honest truth. At the beginning of the year all I could think was wow just another year of this lame routine of school, work, and sleep, then a little fun on the weekends. If you can’t tell I was not very excited to start this year off. What actually made me happy to be back in school was Mr. Theriault’s class (please excuse the spelling of his name). His class wasn’t like a typical English class that you learned irrelevant grammar and over analyzed books. It was more about life lessons and growing as a person not just a student. There is nothing more you could have asked for from that class, it was the perfect English class. Other than English the rest of my classes were very typical, just like my sophomore year, routine. That’s the other thing that was so great about Mr. T’s class was, you never knew what class was going to be like, it was a breath of fresh air every day. The rest of my school life was boring except one thing. I realized I don’t have a close group of friends at school. I had kids I hung out with everyday but outside of school was all my hockey life , the real highlight of my junior year. I have already shared a lot about my hockey team so I will spare year the details but this was the most tight knit group of kids I had ever been with. It was 7 other guys and I and we were super close. We all hung out every time we traveled and almost every weekend also. The guys made my year so good especially because we were all the top 8 players on the team so we were really good. All though our season ended with a heartbreak I still couldn’t be happier with how it was while it lasted. It truly is indescribable. I loved that team to death. My favorite part of the year would have to be when my hockey team took a team bus all the way up to San Jose and we all roomed with three other teammates. This was by far the most fun experience I have had in my life. Not only did we have a lot of fun but we really bonded a lot as well. It also didn’t hurt we were undefeated that weekend but that’s beside the point. 

   On the topic of you as a teacher I truly feel bad for you because you can in and had to take over a class of kids that were absolutely pissed you were there because you took over for the best yeah we we had ever had. I have to admit you did a hell of a job taking over though. You had huge shoes to fill and you did really well. I especially like that you were very laid back and we could all talk like friends not like a class to a teacher. I think that really opens up the learning. One thing I would do different if I was you is not be a friend and then turn around and try and assert your dominance because I feel that rubbed a lot of people the wrong way. I didn’t mean any disrespect by that I just wanted to help as asked. Overall I think you did a great job for a class and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for a good year. 

    Application Time

    College is one of the biggest and also scariest parts of your life to begin. Even if you take the route that everyone else is on it can still be a very stressful and eerie time. Since you have never done it before it is very hard to be sure if it is going well at all, for all you know you have done it all wrong. That’s probably not the case but that is my point, you have no idea. Now even if you follow the normal path in life it is scary, so trying a different path is just 10 times worse. My family and I have have decided since I am on the younger side of my hockey birth year that I am going to a gap year after my senior year in order to better myself at my sport and hopefully make a division three NCAA team. The year I am taking my gap would be my last year allowed of youth hockey before I age out so it is my last chance. This is honestly terrifying because I just know that I am going to have people ask me about what I am doing for college. I am going to have to explain what I am doing and why, and probably to most people it is a stupid idea. To me though it is my dream and although I am nervous I could not be more excited. The thought of not going to college the same year as all of my friends is crazy. Honestly I do not know if it will be a total waste of time or the best decision of my life. Will I work so hard in my gap year that I get good enough to play an elite level or wilI work and end up nowhere. That is the real fun in all of this. The mystery.

    Money does not equal happiness

    Back during first semester we watched two videos and were told to write about one of them, so here’s the other.

    The video was about a man that takes old recycled thing and basically has built a museum of things that I could have never imagined.

    A common thing you hear is, ” You can not buy happiness.”

    Money buys material things that you need and also just some things you want (like a Lamborghini) A lot of my life has been used just sitting and thinking of ways to get rich in life through very minimal effort.

    This is not easy to do , getting very rich doesn’t just happen it requires a lot of work. This has been my main drive in my school career is to succeed so that I can grow up and be very rich.

    This is honestly a very sad way to live. You try so hard to achieve something so far away and you miss out on what is happening the the here and now.

    That man in the video is so happy and he makes no money in life except for the tips of generous people, he may be happier than me and I have a life that has nothing to complain about. It makes me realize how much i take for granted. Even some of the homeless people I see still are happy and have good sense of humors even they don’t have any where to live. homelssDon’t take all the good you have in life for granted especially when there is others who have way less.

    Friends Vs. People who need your help

    Some times in class you will seem to have a really good friend, you guys group together for assignments and you guys talk all class. Then you will leave class and you guys have no interaction at all until the next day in that same class.

    Sometimes you will even see them in the hall way and you will both just look at the ground because you aren’t sure if you guys are on that level of friendship.

    I think that a lot of the time the reason people are like this is because in that class they have no friends from their usual group of friends so they feel they don’t have to be “cool”. So they end up opening up to new people or kids who to their group of friends isn’t cool. But then you get outside of class and they don’t want their “real” to see them with you, so they blow you off.

    Obviously this is a terrible feeling and nobody wants it to happen but almost everyone I know has said they experience it too.

    I was watching the show “Scrubs”  and the doctor who spends his entire existence putting off this mean persona, opens up to the janitor when they are in a bar and they become friends. They hang out over the weekend and mess with a mutual enemy, then they return to the hospital. On that day the doctor goes out of his way to say Hey to him and the doctor makes a rude comment to him.

    Later the janitor comes up to him and says sorry I have a reputation to keep with those other janitors. This is obviously funny because the janitor is embarrassed of the doctor but nonetheless it emphasizes my point.

    It just makes me think if I don’t like this maybe I should stop doing it to others and so should other people.


    Most people around this time are getting ready for the NCAA basketball tournament, setting up there brackets and overall losing their minds because their bracket was an utter failure. However, I am getting ready for the NCAA ice hockey frozen four.

    The atmosphere of NCAA hockey is something that you can’t even understand until you have witnessed it in person, it is a hundred times better than any pro game that I have ever been to. The fans are so into it and it is half college kids so they are all crazy.

    It is honestly something I feel every hockey fan should experience at some point in their life.

    It has always been a dream of mine to play NCAA Ice hockey when I got to college whether it was D1, D3, or even club. I now feel that that is a long shot but I still would do anything to go to school that has a D1 team just to be a part of the madness that is college sports.

    The other cool part about these games is after you go to one, maybe two or three years later you see that guy in the NHL and that is also very cool.

    There is nothing better in my mind than a really exciting sporting event that everyone in the stadium is into. If you are at an Anaheim Ducks game there are people leaving their seats throughout the entire game because they don’t really care. You won’t see that in a college game.

    New Job


    I got a new job as a roller hockey referee for kids that are ten years old and younger. Last night was my first night on the job and it was a really funny night. The kids would skate up to the face off circle and fall down, you ask them if they are okay and they say “YEAH!” with just tons of enthusiasm. The kids are all genuinely nice and just excited to be there. They  all skate around in a big cluster, swinging at the puck and then all falling down, it is really funny to watch. These kids make me remember what it was like to just want to play so bad that when you finally got to you could barely play you were so excited. When I was two and a half years old, I asked my parents if I could play roller hockey and at first they said no. I asked every day for the next month. Then they told me that I could start when I was four, my dad still swears to this day that I asked every day for a year and a half, ” How much longer until I can play Dad.” I still feel just as strongly about playing hockey as I did back when I was a four year old and that is why I am glad that I can be a part of these kids starting to play hockey. Hockey has always been one of the best things in my life and I am happy these kids have the chance to play. The best part is I get to watch it all unfold.


    Losing is a really bad feeling, no matter how big the game was, or how big the loss was, it always hurts. This weekend my ice hockey team was in the state playoffs and we were supposed to go to the next round for sure. Supposed to does not mean anything if you do not put in the effort and get the win. So we lost our first game and got sent to the losers bracket. This meant the next time we lost our season was done. So our next game we came out and played great, we got a huge win to stay alive. Everybody was really excited, just one more win and we were through to the next round. My team showed up to this game ready to play, we came out hard and played very well, we just couldn’t score. We spent just over three-quarters of the game in the other teams zone. As the game ended we were tied 1-1, but the shots were probably 35-15 in out favor, man we deserved to win this. The game went through overtime and of course we had the puck in their zone the entire overtime period, but still no goals. The game was now headed to a shootout, which in my opinion is a horrible way to end an important game. The point is we ended up losing in the shootout and it was the emptiest feeling I, or any of my teammates had ever felt. We deserved to win, the other team was nowhere near as good as us and they didn’t win as a team. After that game in the locker room it was probably the most emotional place I had ever been. You don’t usually see a group of sixteen year-old kids hugging and crying but that’s what it was like. I have never been on a team that was as close as this team was and it is just very sad it is over. It is the emptiest feeling I have ever felt.

    High School

    High school is a pretty weird place in a persons life. Not just because of the awkward situations that often occur but for a lot of other reasons too. In high school you are expected to act like an adult, carry responsibility like and adult and overall be mature like an adult( although many adults aren’t very mature, that’s besides the point.) Even though you are supposed to basically be an adult you are still treated like a child. You have to ask to use the restroom and teachers always shut you down when you bring up a good response that they either didn’t think of or it proves them wrong. This is the opposite of being mature on the teachers behalf where you can’t even carry on a conversation just because they got proved wrong. Or when a teacher doesn’t have a valid reason for putting a rule in place or for yelling at you but they use the fact the ¨ they are the teacher and you are the student so the teacher must be right.¨ Not all teachers are like this. Some of them actually take responsibility when they mess up but not often. The other thing I really don’t like is when I have a really good explanation for wrong answer and I put it out there and the teacher says it’s very good and then they don’t give you credit because it’s not the first thing they thought so it can’t be right. It’s almost as if they have some insecurities that need to be put down by the fact that they are smarter than the kids they teach which should be true almost always. It just bothers me that sometimes a teachers’ pride gets in the way of learning.


    Two years ago from May 2013 to April 2014 I was kind of irrelevant in my family’s life. Don’t get me wrong it wasn’t any of their faults. This was the time where my brother was planning out his college applications and going to places to help him out and I was just a sophomore doing easy, regular school. I get that this was the biggest, most important part of my brother’s life but it still doesn’t feel good to be ignored or put on everyone’s back burners. It went on for the months, the stress and the fighting but art the same time it was almost kind of nice to not have people all over you, trying to know everything you do. My brother is not one who likes to be guided through everything he does and he hates being told what to do so this caused a lot of fighting in my house for a while. Nothing serious just constant arguments. There was finally some peace after all the applications were all in but it was short. Acceptances started to come in around February and of course scholar Chandler was getting money off and getting into to everywhere he applied. My brother has always been the better student between the two of us. He has had at least two AP classes each year and his final overall GPA was 3.98. This all also contributed to the feelings of loneliness because it was all about his greatness. I really am happy for him don’t get me wrong, but it’s just hard being runner-up always.


    Displaying IMG_1748.JPG

    This year I play ice hockey for the California Wave 16AA team. AA is the second highest skill division for a 16 year old to play. This year is very different for me though. I have never played on a really good team, I have always played on middle of the pack teams. My Wave team is 2nd place in the state and ranked 50th in the entire nation for our age group.(That’s out out of 500 teams so it’s pretty good.) We have played 48 games this year and we only have 6 losses. Our record is 40-6-2 which is really good because 3 of those losses came from the best team in the state and the other ones were against really good teams when we were up in Canada. This is actually the closest I have ever been with a hockey team and it might be the most fun I have ever had during a year.

    For one we traveled to Richmond, B.C. which is in Western Canada and made it to the semi-final where we lost to a team that we should not have lost to. The team we beat 9-4 in the first game of the tournament actually won which obviously means we could have won the whole thing but whatever. Then we went to Arizona for a tournament where we went 7 and 0 and won the tournament in triple overtime. This was probably the most exciting game I have ever been apart of. Just last weekend we took two team vans to the San Jose area for three state games and all the players roomed with other players and this was the coolest thing I’ve ever done while traveling for hockey. We went undefeated this weekend too and on the way home we stopped at a gas station at around 2 A.M. and had an all out Van vs. Van brawl which was also a really fun time.

    Youth hockey has always been one of the best parts of my life but this year has been unforgettable. We have our state playoffs coming up at he end of February  and if we win that we go to Texas to play for the National Championships, which has been the goal since day 1.